January 9, 2012


is a Shameless TV series... 

The show is a little hard to describe. It is based around a family with no mother, six children, and a drunken mess of a father. The family is basically run by the oldest daughter and her friend and love interests. It is a show on Showtime, and is definitely worth watching. If you don't have showtime find another way to watch it :)

It is hilarious, and horrible at the same time. The story lines are quite entertaining and can have you hooked by the first episode either for humor (such as Carl, who always melts his toys in the microwave), or the struggling family's drama. I don't want to give away too many of the stories, but there is a fake marriage, an agoraphobe, and an abandonment withing the first few episodes.

Check it out :)

Showtime on Sundays at 9pm ET  (The second season just started yesterday, and it is just as addicting!)

I realize this review doesn't say much, but it is a relatively new series and I do not want to give away all the hilarious and dramatic story lines that make it worth watching. Trust me on this one :)

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